They're not coming for your babies

This is something I wrote a few months ago when Washington State was voting on an incredibly discriminatory "bathroom bill" like HB2 passed in North Carolina. While I couldn't imagine that my home and the people in it would actually do something so heinous and decide legally that trans people are inherently dangerous, I couldn't sit back and do nothing. So- at the urging of the amazing crew at Washington Won't Discriminate, I wrote this. I'd like to think I had a *teeny* bit to do with keeping WA safe for trans people.


Trans people are not perpetrators of crime. They don't sexually assault. They're not trying to trick people. They're not playing dress-up. They're not in a phase. THEY ARE NOT DANGEROUS. They just want a safe place to pee. Not having that causes them to attempt suicide TEN TIMES more frequently than non-LGB people and three-four times more than LGB people. People are literally murdering trans people because of stereotypes and stigmas promoted in this bill, which have zero basis in fact. Bills like this kill people like my sister, who just wants a place to pee and fix her make-up. State sanctioned hate is not okay. Our government should be setting the example of acceptance, not of ignorant hate.