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Terrible hair on my very favorite hike

Terrible hair on my very favorite hike


A Brief History

My name is Ila. I guess you could have guessed that. I usually write it in lower case because otherwise I get emails that start with "Dear Lla..." which just annoys me. (Get ready for my go-to line) But at least it's not Illa like my grandma, named before the internet and QWERTY. It is pronounced like Isla Fisher or Islay Scotch.

I am a twin. We're fraternal girls. I'm older, and will always claim that as a victory even though I fully know how much control I had over it. My sister is trans and has given me permission to write about her and our weird life and family. In order to not out her, I will not use her name, but just refer to her as my twin or my sister. 

My sister and I grew up in a very religious household. Our parents were both recovering from strict denominations of Christianity, so we were raised in non-denominational evangelical churches. I attended church regularly until fairly recently. I introduce myself this way because I've found that church and organized religion and evangelicalism have pretty hugely informed my worldview for the better but also for the worst.

I am a divorced domestic violence survivor and former Army wife.

I have a degree in Communications with a specialization in Print Journalism from Central Washington University. I've worked in fast food, college housing, multi-level marketing, legal processioning, coffee, online travel booking, microhousing, electrical contracting, and editing.

I'm here to write about what I know, which will be part LGBT ally and anti-DV advocate, part reality TV fiend.